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Multi-purpose friction and wear testing machine
Multi-purpose friction and wear testing machine

Friction testing machine, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, powerful function, stable and reliable performance, can be widely used in various metal, non-metal and composite materials, such as wood, wire and cable, paper, rubber, medicine, food packaging materials, etc. for stretching The performance index test, a variety of tests can be realized by one machine, which is the best choice for customers.

The inspection machine, as a product of the combination of modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology, integrates the functions of stretching, bending, compression, and shearing. It is mainly used for the mechanical performance test of metal and non-metal materials. It is an industrial and mining enterprise, scientific research unit, The ideal testing equipment for colleges, engineering quality supervision stations and other departments makes full use of the large-scale precision testing instruments formed by the respective advantages of electromechanics, and has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high precision, and fast response.

The friction testing machine does not consume oil, so it is cleaner and easier to maintain and use. At the same time, its test range can be adjusted, which is more flexible, has high force measurement accuracy, light weight, and large space. It is convenient to add corresponding devices for various material mechanics tests. It can be said that it is truly a multi-purpose machine. 

Test Equipment

Commonly used equipment for leather physical testing

The use of high temperature end friction tester

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